EIDOLON, from the Platonic conception of idealized forms; the embodiment of perfection that exists beyond our plane of perception

Since the introduction of the EIDOLON, we have encountered, and engineered many advances in technology, including lowered harmonic distortion, and a new crossover topology. The Diamond has new internal wiring, and proprietary conductors formed with ultra-pure copper created specifically to interface driver and crossover within each circuit’s bandwidth.

The new tweeter, is comprised of the first man-made diamond diaphragm. These are grown in a hydrogen plasma sphere bombarded by high-energy electrons. Each is produced in very limited numbers, over a period of 48 hours. After each small production, all machinery must be re-calibrated in preparation for the next production run. In the Eidolon Diamond, the tweeter frequency response extends out to 100Khz, providing a full power flat and smooth response.

The EIDOLON DIAMOND also boasts the first use of a new woofer design. Pioneered by AVALON ACOUSTICS over the last decade, new magnetic assemblies have reduced 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortions significantly. Along with new crossover circuitry, intermodulation effects have been reduced across the entire bandwidth of the loudspeaker. Harmonic distortions and noise floor have also been lowered significantly.

All of these elements contribute to an ease of presentation through this music reproducing transducer. Dynamic contrasts are more dramatic, with the internal harmonic structure of each instrument even more pure. We have created a sort of time and space machine capable of transporting you to the place and time that the source material was recorded.

Each EIDOLON DIAMOND is a rare commodity indeed, produced in very limited numbers available in a variety of finishes.

The award-winning performance of the EIDOLON DIAMOND has already proven to be world class. Through improvements in technology and aesthetics we have created an entirely new personality with the EIDOLON DIAMOND. Each is a work of art for the purist who appreciates the beauty of our unique audio sculptures, and the subtleties of a superlative musical performance.

Music is the passion in our blood and the muse of our intellect.


  • Extraordinary diamond diaphragm tweeter for absolute precision.

  • Advanced light weight midrange and woofer diaphragm materials minimize energy storage and time domain distortion.

  • Each driver individually tested and matched for optimum performance.

  • Extremely coherent, smooth and wide polar response for superlative imaging capabilities.

  • Moderate impedance characteristic allows for ideal interface with any amplifier.

  • New proprietary crossover topologies to minimize low frequency 2nd and 3rd order harmonic distortion, and provide high energy transfer through all passive networks.

  • Crossover circuitry is hard wired with surface only conductors, eliminating deleterious sonic effects of printed circuit boards.

  • Oversize screw terminals.

  • Careful crossover control of all magnetic field interaction.

  • Constrained mode damping system absorbs cabinet vibrations.

  • Four and one-half inch thick front panel supplies acoustically inert wave launch platform.

  • Acoustically engineered grille assembly decreases edge diffraction effects.

  • Distinctive faceted cabinet design provides optimal polar characteristics.


Driver Complement:
3/4" Concave Pure Diamond Tweeter
3 1/2" Concave Ceramic Dome Midrange
11"Nomex Kevlar Composite Cone Woofer

87 dB

4 Ohms Nominal

Frequency Response:
24Hz to 70kHz

Recommended Amplifier Power:
50 to 500 Watts

Wiring Methods:
Two position terminal block, designed to accept spade lugs for #10 screws

43 ½" (110 cm) High
12" (30 cm) Wide
17" (43 cm) Deep

150 Pounds (68 kg each) each