ASPECT represents the culmination of 20 years of research and development in the areas of energy balance, bandwidth, and noise floor within actual acoustic environments. The result sets a new standard for realistic reproduction of the complete musical event. More than just transparent and dynamic, ASPECT has the groundbreaking ability to recreate a visceral sound-field with high efficiency, utilizing its carefully tuned cabinet resonances as a harmonic support for dimensional imaging. Holistic integration of materials and elements within the transducer create a presentation with the pacing and impact of a live performance, free of loudspeaker cabinet and room boundaries.

Utilizing proprietary crossover technologies and drivers consisting of the lightest and stiffest diaphragm materials of Nomex/Kevlar and inert composites, ASPECT will instantly respond to the most demanding musical passages. More closely resembling an acoustic musical instrument in its use of air motion in and around the cabinet, ASPECT is a tuned collection of materials and forms designed specifically to blend harmonically. Integration of diverse organic materials throughout cabinet construction coupled with high current crossover topologies produce both a natural and continuous musical flow like no other transducer.

Music is the passion in our blood and the muse of our intellect.


  • Advanced light weight driver diaphragm materials minimize energy storage and time-domain distortion.

  • Each driver individually tested and matched for optimum performance.

  • Smooth, wide polar response for superlative imaging capabilities.

  • Moderate impedance characteristic allows for ideal interface with any amplifier.

  • Crossover circuitry is hard-wired with surface-only conductors, eliminating deleterious sonic effects of printed-circuit boards.

  • Easy to use binding post on back of speaker

  • Careful crossover control of all magnetic field interaction.

  • Proprietary magnetics technology increases energy transfer and reduces noise floor.

  • Utilization of new technologies in low frequency loading for smooth and powerful bass response.

  • Various natural materials holistically combined to form a coherently resonating cabinet structure.


Driver Complement:
(1) 1‚ÄĚProprietary Composite Neodymium Tweeter
(2) 7 inch Nomex-Kevlar Composite Cone Woofers

92 dB

4 Ohms Nominal

Frequency Response:
28Hz to 25kHz

Recommended Amplifier Power:
15 to 200 Watts

Wiring Methods:
Two Position Binding Post

40" (102 cm) High
15.5" (39 cm) Wide
17" (43 cm) Deep

75 pounds (34 kg) each